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Tissue dilatation

Dilat+ is a liquid nutrient designed to facilitate the absorption of nutrients through the foliage. With its foliage-friendly formulation, Dilat+ stimulates growth and restores plant vigour. It can be used on every crop based on soil or tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear. For more information on Dilat+, consult your agronomic adviser.

Nitrogen is a main component of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, and chlorophylls. Nitrogen is the vegetative growth motor of the plant.

Nitrogen in ureic form acts more efficiently through foliar application than other forms. Urea is an apolar molecule with a high tissue dilatation capability. This characteristic enhances it with high cuticle penetration capability and, consequently, optimal foliar absorption. Ureic nitrogen assimilation demands less energy from the plant compared with other forms of nitrogen.

Dilat+ is made from urea with a very low content in biuret. This by-product of urea production, in high concentration, produces an herbicidal effect which may lead to an important reduction in yield.

  • Better source of foliar nitrogen
  • Improves absorption of other foliar products
  • Increases the protein rate in wheat
  • Improves wine quality (assimilable nitrogen in grape musts)

In conclusion, the application of Dilat+ stimulates chlorophyll production for plants to become greener and more dense quickly. Applied during heading in cereal crops, it will increase protein rate in grains. In grapes, Dilat+ is the ideal foliar solution for musts and wine quality. Its input at the veraison stage helps to increase available nitrogen content of musts and improve fermentability and the aroma potential of wine. In some crops, Dilat+ can be applied up to 100 L/ha. The tissue dilatation effect of Dilat+ improves the absorption and efficacy of other foliar products.

To learn more about Dilat+

For more information about the agronomic and economic benefits of foliar application or to place an order of Dilat+, please consult your Agro‑100 agricultural representative or write to us at info@agro‑

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