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Why use Oligo® Prime?

Oligo® Prime is an innovative biostimulant technology designed to enhance the plant’s natural defenses against abiotic stresses and improve nutrient use efficiency to achieve and reach its full yield potential.

Oligo® Prime consists of four technologies that interact together to stimulate the plant’s natural defense mechanisms. This state of hypervigilance increases yield. The biostimulant technology works by activating the production of 71 enzymes and proteins that are essential for decreasing the damage caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) on stressed crops. Oligo® Prime stimulates auxin production and root development. It also contains a package of micronutrients—chelated with C‑plex—that are indispensable cofactors in the production and functioning of enzymes.

Four activating technologies

signaux metaboliques_final

Metabolic signals

Metabolic signals are biostimulants that reduce the impact of abiotic stresses with phenolic acids and organic acids.



C‑plex is an innovative carbon-based chelating agent. This smaller molecule increases the mobility of nutrients in the plant. Its ability to bind either with cations or anions facilitates their transport through the leaf’s cuticle.

Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid is a biostimulant that acts on absorption and transport of nutrients and on the production of natural plant hormones.



Chitosan is a biopolymer derived from chitin. It launches plant defense mechanisms against abiotic stresses. Treated plants place themselves in a state of hypervigilance which increases yield.