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Nutriliming agents

Agro-100's nutriliming agents made from FRMs

Liming + fertilizing in a single operation.

Environmental sustainability means finding innovative ways and using products that reduce our carbon footprint in order to preserve and provide future generations with a fertile and healthy environment that is rich in diversity.

FRM : an ecological alternative to agricultural lime

Agro-100 recycles and reuses fertilizing residual materials (FRMs) in a way that is advantageous for agricultural use. Thanks to their beneficial soil and crop fertilizing properties, FRMs aid in developing and implementing sustainable solutions for both the environment and the agricultural industry.

From these FRMs, Agro-100 has developed, based on extensive research, a complete line of products that deliver a dual capacity to both lime and fertilize the soil. We call these ecologically sustainable products, nutriliming agents. Composed of soluble macronutrients and micronutrients, Agro-100’s nutriliming agents regenerate soil nutrients and preserve soil health.

Optimize regular fertilization effectiveness with Agro-100's nutriliming agents

Lime application on acidic soil is a prerequisite for the optimal use of nutrients. The high solubility of Agro-100’s nutriliming agents enhances the availability of nutrients required for early root development and plant growth. By stimulating early development, the nutriliming agents, in combination with regular fertilization, activate and sustain robust plant growth.

By sharing the responsibility of providing the soil with beneficial nutrients that are readily available to the plant, we help promote excellent yields. Ultimately, the dynamic management of the soil is the most sustainable way to deliver a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow.