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The company

The company

Agro-100 Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets innovative, exclusive, value-added fertilizers of proven efficacy for field crops, vegetable crops, fruit crops, and potato crops in North America.

Agro-100’s presence is felt throughout North America. It contributes in creating exceptional value for both large and smaller-scale agricultural operations generating high yields, soil productivity, and growth everywhere.

Our Driving Force

Agro-100’s research and development, as well as its high performance liquid nutrients and its innovative ProliFix technology, have become a benchmark for efficacy in the industry. Agro-100 also reduces the carbon footprint by converting fertilizing residual materials (FRM) into nutriliming agents such as KaLime, that lime and fertilize soils in a single operation. While rigorously respecting the environment, Agro-100 strives to improve agricultural profitability through better soil health, optimal crop performance, and sustainable development.

Area Of Excellence

Agro-100 is also distinguished by the strength of its consulting service with proven expertise and oriented towards increasing yields and harvests suitable for producing high quality food.

Inspired by a proven tradition, a constant passion and a perpetual sense of innovation, Agro-100 is proving to be the ideal local partner for entrepreneurs and dynamic agricultural producers.