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Liquid Nutrients

Dynamic fertilizers, at the right dose and at the right time.

Agro-100’s liquid nutrients facilitate absorption, through the leaves, of one or more microelements that are essential to the plant in order to effectively fight against and prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Foliar nutrition: essential for a complete fertilization program

Although foliar fertilization with liquid nutrients does not replace soil fertilization, the microelements it provides are complementary to other elements by making the fertilization program complete. To harvest high performance, high quality crops, foliar nutrition, in the same way as soil fertilization, is required to ensure the complete development of the plant.

The fast action of the agricultural foliar nutrients developed by Agro-100

Agro-100’s Agrofoliars are formulated as true solutions to stabilize microelements and avoid precipitation (deposits). Our innovative liquid solutions are designed to encourage the rapid absorption of nutrients as well as their translocation in the plant. The fast action of foliar nutrition stimulates plant growth by supplying the right nutrients, at the right dose, at the right time. Increase in productivity depends on effective and complete fertilization.

Agro-100’s Agrofoliars share the same goal as your fertilization program: to ensure that essential nutrients are readily available to the plant in order to grow abundant, robust, and healthy crops.