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Oligo® Prime is an innovative biostimulant technology designed to enhance the plant’s natural defenses against abiotic stresses and activate growth promoting responses that allow the crop to achieve and reach its full yield potential


0-0-0 + 2% S + 5% Cu

Essential for nitrogen assimilation

Agro-Cu is a liquid foliar nutrient rich in copper, with the support of nitrogen, specially designed to prevent and correct copper deficiencies. Its efficacy comes from the chelation of this micronutrient with citric acid. This unique process makes copper readily available and mobile in the plant. Citric acid is a natural organic acid found in all living organisms, thus it is not toxic and it is involved in many metabolic processes of the plant.

Copper acts as a catalyst in many of the plant’s physiological processes, particularly in the transport chain of electrons occurring during photosynthesis (75% of the leaf’s total copper content is present in the chloroplast), the synthesis of lignin in cell walls, oxidation reactions of ascorbic acid, cellular breathing, and in pollen vitality and fertility. In cases of copper deficiency, one observes a global metabolic dysfunction of the plant and stunted growth.

Copper activates the transformation of nitrates absorbed in the process of protein synthesis. The result of its action translates into an increase in proteins. A good supply of copper allows the plant to improve its natural ability to defend against many adverse actions or conditions. Copper activity is reinforced by the citric acid which improves photosynthesis, energy production, and resistance to stress.

  • Increases the value of nitrogen-based fertilizers
  • Increases resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases
  • Reduces the lodging risk in cereal crops
  • Frequent deficiency in black soil

In conclusion, Agro-Cu increases copper content in cells and, consequently, improves vegetative growth through greater photosynthesis activity, better nitrogen assimilation, wood hardening by its effect on the synthesis of lignin, filling corncobs, improving specific weight, resistance of the crop to diseases and abiotic stresses. Agro-Cu can be applied through the entire growth cycle, but it is important to promote early input to help sensitive crops.

To learn more about Agro-CU

For more information about the agronomic and economic benefits of foliar application or to place an order of Agro‑Cu, please consult your Agro‑100 agricultural representative or write to us at info@agro‑

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