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MnBooster OP

0-7-0 + 4% S + 7% Mn

A boost of manganese

MnBooster is a liquid nutrient with 7% of manganese designed as a preventive treatment against manganese deficiencies. Nutrients that are incorporated in the solution improve the plants’ vegetative growth and will help correct manganese deficiencies that commonly occur in soybean and wheat crops. Manganese is also an indispensable cofactor in the production and functioning of enzymes. MnBooster is activated by Oligo Prime®, an innovative biostimulant technology that allows for quick absorption and translocation of nutrients and reinforces the plant’s natural defenses against abiotic stresses (drought, low temperature, salinity, etc.). It can be applied on all crops. It must be used based on soil or tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear. For more information on MnBooster, consult your agronomic adviser.

MnBooster OP works by activating the production of 71 enzymes and proteins that are essential for decreasing the oxidative effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS) on stressed crops. MnBooster OP also stimulates auxin production.
  • Improvement of vegetative development early in the season
  • Correction of manganese deficiencies that commonly occur in wheat and soybean crops
  • Stimulation of the plant’s natural defenses

To learn more about MnBooster OP

For more information about the agronomic and economic benefits of foliar application or to place an order of MnBooster OP, please consult your Agro-100 agricultural representative or write to us at

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