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Prevention of diseases and physiological disorders

Kali‑T is a liquid foliar nutrient concentrated in potassium and enriched with nitrogen, designed to prevent and correct potassium deficiencies and improve crop yield and quality. Kali‑T contains five forms of potassium. About 70% of the potassium in Kali‑T is in the form of potassium hydroxide and potassium carbonate, two forms of potassium that are more easily absorbed by the leaves and the least phytotoxic.

Potassium increases photosynthetic activity and intervenes in water regulation mechanisms. It is an indispensable nutrient for protein formation and the synthesis and transport of sugars. It serves as an activator in cell breathing and in many enzymes. It also facilitates calcium and magnesium assimilation. Potassium optimizes plant resistance in situations of stress. Kali‑T reinforces the effects of potassium by including silicates and carbonates. Silicates serve to strengthen cell walls (physical barrier against diseases, drought tolerance) and stimulate the plant’s defense mechanism against abiotic stresses. By increasing the pH on the surface of the leaf, carbonates create an environment less conducive to the establishment of fungal diseases such as speckle, monilia, and oidium.

The nitrogen contained in Kali‑T is in ureic form, which provides it with high cuticle penetration capability. This attribute contributes to the optimal foliar absorption of potassium and to other foliar products applied jointly.

  • Improves form, fructiferous bud formation, uniformity, fruit firmness and water usage
  • Increases fruit quality (flavours, Brix value)
  • Prevents diseases and physiological disorders
  • Increases resistance against different types of stress (frost and high temperature)
  • Has a positive influence on fruit and flower coloration
  • Sugar formation and transport
  • Assimilation of nutritional elements

In conclusion, Kali‑T helps the crop achieve its highest potential and enhances the crop’s marketability and food value. Kali‑T improves the calibre, quality (colouration, firmness, sugar content) and preservation of crops. Kali‑T allows plants to overcome periods of stress. Kali‑T can be applied anytime, but it is highly recommended during phases of fructification or bulking of tubers, bulbs, and roots. Kali‑T can also be applied to alleviate the impact of physiological frost (quick temperature drop) to the crop in the fall or spring.

To learn more about Kali-T

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