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Boron at side-dressing

Nitro-Bis a liquid nutrient for the soil enriched with 10% of boron. It is specifically formulated to provide boron at side-dressing. Incorporated into an urea and ammonium nitrate (UAN) solution, it supplies boron in the same passage to be assimilated by the plant through the root system. For all crops where nitrogen is supplied by UAN solution. It can be used based on soil and tissue analyses

Nitro-B offers the advantage of applying boron at the right place, at the right rate and at the right time to ensure optimal crop performance. In corn, boron is an essential nutrient. It helps in the transfer of sugars and nutrients to the flowers, improves pollination and transfer of carbohydrates to the grain. Boron accumulation happens mostly after the side-dress application of nitrogen solution. It is particularly important that a sufficient amount of boron is made readily available during the corn pollination period since research shows that more than 66% of boron uptake begins at the R1 developmental stage which is the beginning of the reproductive stage.

  • Formulated to provide boron at side-dressing
  • Source of readily available boron during corn pollination
  • Helps in the transfer of sugars and nutrients

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For more information about the agronomic and economic benefits of foliar application or to place an order of Nitro-B, please consult your Agro‑100 agricultural representative or write to us at  info@agro‑

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