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Oligo® Prime is an innovative biostimulant technology designed to enhance the plant’s natural defenses against abiotic stresses and activate growth promoting responses that allow the crop to achieve and reach its full yield potential


6-0-0 + 9% Zn ​

Key element in the synthesis of hormones and proteins

Agro-Zn is a zinc-based liquid foliar nutrient supported by nitrogen and specially designed to prevent and correct zinc deficiencies and improve vegetative growth and fruit quality. Citric acid is the chelation agent used as it allows the nutrient to become completely available to the plant, thus favouring its migration in the plant’s tissues. Citric acid is a natural organic acid found in all living organisms, thus it is not toxic and it is involved in many metabolic processes of the plant.

Zinc plays an important role during the first stages of the plants development and in grain formation. Zinc is essential for the synthesis of auxins, the growth hormones necessary for root development and lengthening the stem. Thus, it plays an essential role in creating new tissues and in lengthening the radicular system. Zinc activates enzymes promoting chlorophyll synthesis, making it indispensable for sustained photosynthetic activity. A zinc deficiency weakens resistance to diseases, shortens the plant and delays flowering and ripening, all translating into potential yield loss.

  • Growth and maturity stimulation
  • Quick correction of deficiencies
  • Better bud burst in fruit trees
  • Assimilation of calcium and other elements
  • Resistance against stresses
  • Recommended in fields weeded with sulfonylureas
  • Compatible with liquid fertilizer starters
  • Sustained yield and quality

In conclusion, Agro-Zn prevents and corrects zinc deficiency. It also supplies nitrogen, the vegetative growth motor (component of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, and chlorophyll). This combination of zinc with nitrogen allows Agro-Zn to activate plant metabolism, resulting in better growth, excellent fruit set, and more even ripening, thus producing crops of exceptional quality. Agro-Zn can be applied through the entire growth cycle, but it is important to promote zinc input during the early stages of the crop’s development. Agro-Zn is also recommended post-harvest in fruit trees to build a reserve that will ensure a good vegetative start and greater bud break in the following year. This is even more important if climate conditions at the end of winter / beginning of spring are unfavourable.

To learn more about Agro-Zn

For more information about the agronomic and economic benefits of foliar application or to place an order of Agro‑Zn, please consult your Agro‑100 agricultural representative or write to us at info@agro‑

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