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Agro-Mag OP

0-0-0 + 6% Mg

Indispensable for the creation of photosynthesis

Agro-Mag is a liquid nutrient designed to prevent and treat deficiencies in magnesium, an essential element for photosynthesis and other plant metabolic processes. Agro-Mag is activated by Oligo Prime®, an innovative biostimulant technology that allows for quick absorption and translocation of nutrients and reinforces the plant’s natural defenses against abiotic stresses (drought, low temperature, salinity, etc.). It is indicated for every crop and it must be applied based on soil or tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear or if stress risk is high. For more information on Agro-Mag, consult your agronomic adviser.

Magnesium is a nutritional element indispensable for growth, plant development and reproduction because of the major role it plays in chlorophyll constitution, which is the basis of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the motor of all plants. Without magnesium, there is no photosynthesis and the plant cannot develop. Magnesium also intervenes in the synthesis of amino acids and cellular proteins, energy transfer, pigment formation such as carotenes and xanthophylls, assimilation and migration of phosphorus in the plant, and resistance to unfavourable factors (drought, diseases).

  • Required for the synthesis of chlorophyll and for photosynthesis
  • More energy in the plant
  • Synthesis and transport of sugars, proteins and lipids
  • Stabilization of cellular membranes
  • Quality of potato tuber
  • Resistance against environmental stresses

En conclusion, by its contribution to photosynthesis, Agro‑Mag OP guarantees good plant development and, consequently, promotes high yields. An optimal use of Agro‑Mag OP improves the quality of fruits, vegetables, and grains (high rate of sugar and vitamins). The synergy between the magnesium and the acetic acid allows Agro‑Mag OP to reduce the occurrence of abiotic stresses on the plant. On the vine, the application of Agro‑Mag OP helps in the fight against bunch stem necrosis which puts a stop to grape maturation. In cereals, Agro‑Mag OP  improves specific weight. In potatoes or beets, tuber or root calibre will improve. Agro‑Mag is recommended during periods of maximum growth (vegetative and reproductive stages) and following unfavourable conditions to reset photosynthesis. Agro‑Mag OP thus represents an indispensable source of magnesium for the plant.

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For more information about the agronomic and economic benefits of foliar application or to place an order of Agro‑Mag OP, please consult your Agro‑100 agricultural representative or write to us at info@agro‑

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