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Research and development

Transforming agronomic knowledge
into high performance products

Research and development (R&D) is the engine that keeps Agro-100 at the forefront of the fertilizer industry since 1990. Agronomic and agricultural knowledge moves in many directions. R&D channels that knowledge and shapes it into a purposeful tool to assist producers in their daily work. Since our expertise relies on rigorous agronomic analyses and studies, conducted jointly with many independent and impartial research institutes, we ensure that R&D is an integral part of all Agro-100 products.

Innovative and exclusive fertilizers with proven efficacy

Innovation is never a goal in itself. Rather, it invokes the following question: can we do more, can we do it better and can we do it differently? Knowledge, experience and know-how are there to guide us through daily challenges and help us to provide producers with high performance and profitable agronomic solutions designed to meet the demands of high performance agricultural operations. Being agile and able to react quickly and efficiently to the needs of producers keeps us focused on developing solutions that are both innovative and customized, while being strongly rooted in the leading agricultural practices. Soil and plant health are the priority of our R&D approach.

To be the "benchmark" for the industry by optimizing the research and development of high-performance fertilizer products

Agronomic science provides more than technical solutions. It feeds the quest for efficient, adaptable, and accurate soil and foliar nutrition, to stimulate the growth of resilient and vigorous plants able to yield, year after year, abundant high-quality harvests. R&D represents the natural synergy between agronomy and agriculture and it is incorporated into our innovative products: the ProliFix encapsulation technology, our Agrofoliar liquid nutrients and our Nutriliming agents proKa®, CalPoMag® and KaLime®.

Agro-100 works continuously to improve agricultural profitability while strictly respecting the environment and sustainable development

Influenced by continuously evolving R&D, every Agro-100 product provides retailers and producers with solutions that generate high-quality sustainable crops and abundant harvests. We aim to improve the profitability and efficiency of your agricultural operation. R&D helps us accomplish this objective. We call it cultivating innovation.