This product contains boron linked to two organic molecules (amine and polyol), thus allowing fast boron absorption while providing an important vehicular action inside the plant as well as a biostimulating effect.

4-0-0 with 10% B

foliar nutrient


Agro-B is a liquid nutrient concentrated in boron designed to prevent and rectify deficiencies. A good nutrition in boron encourages plant growth, pollination, assimilation of other nutrients and resistance to stress. Agro-B contains sorbitol, an osmoregulator directly metabolizable and native to the plant, that forms stable and soluble boron complexes to ensure optimal absorption by the leaves, and fast translocation, facilitating boron mobility and availability to all parts of the plant. It also strengthens the plant’s natural defenses and adaptative response to stress (water shortage, low temperature, salinity). Agro-B can be applied on leaves or on the soil based on soil and tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear. For more information on Agro-B, consult your agricultural representative. To apply at the suggested rates, download the PDF technical file.

agronomic benefits

  • Better source of boron in foliar application
  • Pollen viability and good pollination
  • Good fruit development
  • Cell wall stability
  • Formation and transport of sugars
  • Assimilation and mobility of calcium
  • Assimilation of nitrogen
  • Better fruit quality
  • Resistance against diseases (fusariosis, verticilliosis, viruses) and to insects
density 1.340 kg/L

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