foliar nutrient


Kali-T is a high potassium content liquid nutrient designed to prevent and rectify deficiencies in potassium and improve crop quality. Also, Kali-T contains nitrogen which is required for ideal vegetative development and high productivity. Kali-T also contains silicates and phosphites that stimulate defense mechanisms against different types of stress affecting the plant. It can be applied on every crop based on soil and tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear or if stress risk is high. For more information on Kali-T, consult your agricultural representative. To apply at the suggested rates, download the PDF technical file.

agronomic benefits

  • Improves form, fructiferous bud formation, uniformity, fruit firmness and water usage
  • Increases fruit quality (flavours, Brix value)
  • Prevents diseases and physiological disorders
  • Increases resistance against different types of stress (frost and high temperature)
  • Has a positive influence on fruit and flower coloration
  • Sugar formation and transport
  • Assimilation of nutritional elements
density 1.337 kg/L

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