0-0-0 with 6% Mg

foliar nutrient


Agro-Mag is a liquid nutrient designed for foliar application in order to prevent and treat magnesium deficiencies, an essential element for photosynthesis and other plant metabolic processes. The magnesium is complexed with organic acids found in the plant, providing Agro-Mag with a great capacity of absorption and mobility in the plant. For more information on Agro-Mag, consult your agricultural representative. To apply at the suggested rates, download the PDF technical file.

agronomic benefits

  • Good magnesium input
  • Complexed with organic acids for greater absorption capacity
  • Chlorophyll synthesis and optimal photosynthesis
  • More energy in the plant
  • Synthesis and transport of sugars, proteins and lipids
  • Stabilization cellular membranes
  • Quality of potato tuber
  • Resistance against diseases and environmental stresses
density 1.194 kg/L

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