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is a carbon-based complexing agent. The added value of this small molecule resides in its increased mobility in plants and its ability to complex either with cations or anions thus facilitating their transport through the leaf’s cuticle.


0-0-0 + 7% Ca + 3% Zn

The potato power plant

SpudBooster is a soil applied liquid nutrient enriched with 7% of calcium and 3% of zinc. It is specifically designed to ensure maximum availability of calcium and zinc for emerging potato crops. It is applied in the seed furrow at planting. SpudBooster is chelated with the innovative C-plex chelating agent, a small carbon-based molecule that improves absorption and promotes transport of nutritional elements in the plants. It can be used based on soil or tissue analyses but mostly to ensure maximum availability of calcium and zinc at the appropriate time when the crop needs it most.

SpudBooster is a source of calcium and zinc for the potato crop. It provides calcium and zinc in an organic complexed form and allows for effective absorption and translocation. Calcium is essential for cell rigidity, for development and growth of meristems, and for resistance against stresses. Zinc plays a very important role in increasing production and improving quality of potato tubers.

  • Improvement of vegetative development early in the season
  • Improvement in production and quality of potato tubers
  • Greater resistance against diseases

To learn more about SpudBooster

For more information about the agronomic and economic benefits of foliar application or to place an order of SpudBooster, please consult your Agro‑100 agricultural representative or write to us at info@agro‑

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