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Protuber 7-24-6 with micronutrients

Liquid starter for the potato crop

Protuber is a nitrogen-, phosphorus-, and potassium-based solution, enriched with zinc, boron and indole-butyric acid (IBA) designed for soil application in order to activate and stimulate radicular development in the potato crop. Phosphorus is in the form of orthophosphates and polyphosphates. Zinc is chelated with EDTA to make it available in the presence of phosphorus.

Phosphorus is an integral part of metabolic energy (ATP), cell walls and the genetic information (DNA) of the plant. It plays an essential role in cellular multiplication and photosynthesis, hence its importance in the early stages of the plant’s development. Potassium promotes photosynthesis. It contributes to the transport and build-up of sugars. It also takes part in filling out grains, favours better water usage and nitrogen optimization, and increases resistance to frost, drought, and diseases. Zinc is crucial for the synthesis of auxins and stimulates plant growth. It also favours the synthesis of acids and proteins. Boron is essential to stabilize cellular membranes (greater nutrient absorption), pollen fertility, fruit set, synthesis of hormones, production and transport of sugars, and calcium assimilation. IBA encourages growth and, is especially effective for the formation of roots.

  • Application in furrow of potato seedlings
  • Works well in combination with insecticides and fungicides (check compatibility)
  • Better tuber development

In conclusion, Protuber is formulated to supply a high level of phosphorus and other elements necessary for the radicular growth of young potato plants. Protuber is applied directly on the seed potato at planting. Nutrients are readily available to young plants and, in particular, phosphorus which does not move much in the soil. The synergy between its five nutrients and the IBA allows Protuber to reinforce root establishment of the potato crop right from its earliest growth stage to ensure that the roots develop rapidly. The Protuber effect is characterized by a robust vigour at the crop’s establishment in soils showing low phosphorus availability, humidity, coldness or limestone. Vigorous and well-fed plants are capable of resisting stress better and expressing their full yield potential. Protuber is sulphate- and chloride-free and its low salinity index makes it a very safe nutrient for young plants.

To learn more about Protuber

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