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Better, more uniform distribution of micronutrients in the field

Perfuze is a highly concentrated liquid suspension developed for coating dry NPK blends with micronutrients to make them readily available to correct deficiencies in growing plants in the field.
Formulated with Micronutrient Delivery System (MDS Technology™).

The Perfuze line-up
Perfuze Mg 5-5-5 with 35% Mg
Perfuze B 5-5-5 with 15% B
Perfuze Zn 5-5-5 with 50% Zn
Perfuze Cu 5-5-5 with 50% Cu
Perfuze BZn 5-5-5 with 12.5% B + 22% Zn
Perfuze Mn 5-5-5 with 25% Mn
Perfuze ZnBMn 5-5-5 with 25% Zn + 10% B + 16% Mn
Perfuze Fe 5-5-5 with 20% Fe
  • To evenly coat all NPK granules with micronutrients.
  • To correct micronutrient deficiencies.
  • To address micronutrient crop demand based on a soil test and crop removal.
  • Because you can attain a better and more uniform distribution of micronutrients in the field.
  • Because it is a cost-effective and efficient way of applying micronutrients to the soil.
  • Because you can correct situations restricting micronutrient availability like high pH soils, soils with high organic matter, heavy manured land, sandy and light textured soils.
  • Because it is an easy to use product with fast drying time.
  • Because you can treat at low temperatures (-25 °C).
  • Because you can use it in rotatory vertical or horizontal drum blenders, screw auger or conveyor blenders, ribbon blender or other volumetric blending systems.
  • Because you can use various analyses to meet your specific needs.
  • Available in 5 L jugs, 450 L and 1000 L IBC’s.
  • Even coverage of the fertilizer granules.
  • Less dust during blending.
  • To ensure the roots have access to essential micronutrients.
  • Targeted correction of micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Healthier crops with a preserved yield and quality.

To learn more about Perfuze

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