All the microelements on each granule

Innovative encapsulation technology

ProliFix is an innovative technology that encapsulates powdered microelements (boron [B], manganese [Mn], zinc [Zn]) with major elements (N, P, K) and secondary elements (Ca, Mg). The ProliFix capture process favours homogenous fertilization everywhere on the field as well as minimizing fugitive dust problems. Here is why we recommend ProliFix in order to energize your granular fertilization program.
  • All the microelements on each granule.
  • More lasting and more stable than the static energy agglomeration process.
  • Completely dry fertilizer mix.
  • A minimum of fugitive dust.
  • Even coverage of all the microelements.
  • Favours fertilization of exceptional quality.
  • Dynamic effect.

Compatible with every base of granular fertilizers

In addition to providing a flexible, customized solution perfectly adapted to the agronomical needs
of your soils and crops, the ProliFix technology is compatible with every commercial base of granular fertilizers (urea, CAN, MAP, 0-0-60, etc.).

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