Catalis®, Agro-100®’s newest nutriliming agent, is a rich source of calcium and sulphur. Composed of calcium sulphite (CaSO3) and calcium hydroxide (Ca[OH]2), Catalis® outperforms calcitic lime (calcium carbonate [CaCO3]) on soil pH. With an agricultural index of 72% (dry matter), its fast action on the pH makes it highly recommended for acidic soils. Sulphur is the other major component of Catalis®. In the soil, its CaSO3 quickly transforms into calcium sulphate (CaSO4), making the sulphur in Catalis® readily available to growing plants. Certified by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ 3264).

  • Immediate input of calcium and sulphur, both essential elements for plant growth
  • Stimulates root establishment, plant growth and health
  • Stimulates chlorophyll formation (sulphur effect)
  • Stimulates soil microbial activity
  • Enhances the value of fertilizers
  • Fast action on soil pH
  • Encourages nodulation and nitrogen fixation in soybeans (sulphur effect)
  • Counteracts adverse effects of abiotic stress
  • Ideal for acid subsoil

How and where to get Catalis

Catalis is available in Varennes and in Berthier.
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