0-0-0 with 7% Fe

foliar nutrient


Agro-Fe is a liquid nutrient designed for soil and foliar applications in order to prevent and treat iron deficiencies. The iron is complexed with organic acids found in the plant, making Agro-Fe completely assimilable and allowing greater mobility in the plant’s tissues. Iron is essential to breathing, chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis and nitrogen assimilation (protein formation). It can be used based on soil and tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear. For more information on Agro-Fe, consult your agricultural representative. To apply at the suggested rates, download the PDF technical file.

agronomic benefits

  • Effectiveness and fast-action
  • Fast “regreening” effect
  • Better use of nitrogen
  • Secured yield
  • Superior quality crops
density 1.276 kg/L

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