8-0-0 with 9% S

foliar nutrient


Agro-Ammo contains nitrogen and sulphur and it is designed for soil, foliar and fertigation applications. Agro-Ammo stimulates growth and restores plant vigour. It can be used on every crop based on soil and tissue analyses or as soon as deficiency symptoms appear. So that the plant makes better use of the nitrogen and sulphur, apply Agro-Ammo with a nitrogen solution to provide an adequate N:S ratio of 5:1. For more information on Agro-Ammo, consult your agricultural representative. To apply at the suggested rates, download the PDF technical file.

agronomic benefits

  • Maximizes the effect of herbicides (reduces the effect of hard water and other metals in the tank mix)
  • Excellent source of sulphur
  • Better nitrogen assimilation
  • Food quality (amino acids, vitamins, oils)
  • Production of self-defense substances
  • Increases the protein rate in wheat
  • Improves wine quality (assimilable nitrogen in grape musts, aromas)
density 1.221 kg/L

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